Garage Sale Art Fair - an art fair with garage sale prices
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost to get in?  
           $5 cash only - no charge for small children

Any charge for parking?
           No - all parking is free

I'd like to do the show. How do I apply?  
           See the "how to apply to the show" page

Are service animals allowed? 
           Of course - with proper vesting etc they are welcome!

Are you handicapped accessible?
           Yes, completely.

Do the artists take checks and charges?
           Some do, some don't. Remember that this is a "garage
           " so bring cash.

Do you have a coat check or a package check?
           Yes, we have both! For a small donation to a non-profit
           4-H group, they will handle both your coat and
           packages so you don't have to carry them.

Is there an ATM on site?
           Yes, but it does occasionally run out of money before it
           can be refilled.

Is there food available?
           Yes, the Expo Center has a local caterer providing food.

How do I know who will be there?
           There is a wonderful page on the site called "artist 
           images" where you can see samples of all the artists work

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